Ahi Poke Don and Spicy Poke

This is my first cooking lesson for my new blog.  It is awkward and since I’m not used to taking photos of every step there are many photos missing. I promise to get better. But anyhow, here we go! Today’s cooking lesson was a simple and fresh dish that requires minimal cooking and NO gadgets. It is an asian twist on Hawaiian food.  If you want the full recipe come to my cooking classes!

The basics are cooked rice, raw tuna, diced green onion, soy sauce, sesame oil, and sirracha sauce.  Check out the photos below.

Ingredients for the Ahi and Spicy Poke

Spicy Poke

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TV, magazines, and stores market oodles of supposed must-have gadgets and appliances. The average person purchase oodles of them in hopes of creating perfect grandeur dishes but ends up never using them or becomes greatly disappointed that they just don’t work. We are also told that in order to create wonderful food we need a huge kitchen with all the latest appliances and expensive dishware.

Let’s think back to Grandma’s and Mom’s kitchen. What gadgets did they have and how big was their kitchen? How many appliances were stacked on their counters? Honestly I can’t think of many gadgets my grandma had!  She used wooden spoons, her hands and occasionally a can opener (non-electric). My Mom was the same. I still long for my Grandma’s and Mom’s cooking!

My focus is to show everyone great cooking and baking from my small kitchen with minimal gadgets. We all want healthy, quick, and simple but yet we love comfort foods and enjoy nostalgic things with a modern twist.

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