Cooking In Cast Iron

I recently purchased a cast iron dutch oven from Lodge Logic. The lid is awesome because it can be used as a skillet. SInce my oven is ultra tiny the fact that it doesn’t have a long handle make it perfect. Last week I made Irish Soda Bread and cornbread. Both turned out super and I have pictures of the Irish Soda Bread. I’ve been working with Instagram and so far the results are pretty good. Check out the Irish Soda Bread below. No tricks with this bread, just preheat your dutch oven and plop in your bread…bake to a golden brown and chow down!

2012-12-05 16.43.21Just the basic ingredients were used. I really love how crips the outside was. Sorry no photos of the cornbread. It was done on the fly. I will be teaching a class soon.