HAPPY 2013!!!

It’s been awhile since my last post but wtih family visiting and the holidays life was a bit rushed and filled with lots of things to do. So, welcome back and welcome to 2013. To start off the year I would like to show you my kitchen and where all my magic happens. Like the blog title “small spaces cooking”, I really do cook in a small space. Check it out:

Yes, like many my kitchen is small and I have more of a barbie playhouse oven but I still create wonderful meals and that means everyone else can too!

I’m starting the year off with reminding everyone that cooking and baking can be simple and yet taste complex and complicated. For my first food photo of the year, let me introduce Baked Alaska. It’s a very old classic that not too many people see or make anymore. It’s basically a cake or cookie base with an ice cream center and then topped with an extreme amount of ligtly sweetened meringue. Then it is baked until brown or torched until brown. I will let you in on secret…you don’t need any fancy tools to make this and it is extremely impressive. Check it out!