All That Is Simple

Too busy to cook…well then don’t. Just make a few simple healthy dishes that only require fresh veggies, canned beans and some spices. Let’s remember what my theme is: small spaces cooking. Not only am I cooking in a small kitchen, I don’t always have time nor the space to create a seven course meal. You can be just as impressive making a colorful salsa, dip or fresh salad that will also feel like a meal. I’m going to showcase a few quick simple and overall healthy dishes you can make in a flash and once again no fancy gadgets are needed nor do you need a huge kitchen! Isn’t that great?
The first dish is one I just posted on Facebook. It’s a Southwest Corn and Black Bean Salsa. It is one of my favorite things to whip together. The main ingredients are corn and black beans. Add some shredded red cabbage, a few tomatoes and some colorful chips and that’s really about it. Seasonings are lime juice salt and pepper. To add some earthiness, toast some pine nuts if you wish but I usually don’t add them since I have a light nut allergy.

Fresh and Sassy
Fresh and Sassy

For a larger group a Taco Scrape just might be the perfect dish. Still no cooking is involved but the flavors will knock you out. A lot of people are familiar with this dish. My Mom and all her friends would make it for every single summer party. I think I was born in the era of dips, scrapes and party finger foods. A taco scrape is nothing more than a layer of refried beans, followed by a layer of cream cheese and sour cream mixed with taco seasoning and then topped with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and cheese. Avocado and other toppings are optional but always welcome. Use your favorite chips to dip or even fill up a flour tortilla with the dip and proceed to chomp away.
Don't worry about leftovers, there won't be any
Don’t worry about leftovers, there won’t be any

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the next dish but it is easy to describe. Many times I just want a huge salad for dinner but lettuce, spinach and a few vegetables is really boring. Boost your salads by making a Sashimi Cobb Salad. After placing your mixed greens into a large bowl, top with fresh sashimi, shrimp, hard boiled egg slices, kalmata olives, and some mini broccoli chunks. For dressing I always use lemon juice. Just a few dashes is all it takes. I will add a photo in the next week so everyone can see what a beautiful salad it is.
As promised my Sashimi Cobb Salad. Make it! Share it! Enjoy it!
Fresh & simple. Great as a main dish.
Fresh & simple. Great as a main dish.

So there you have three quick dishes that can turn into a meal. They all taste great and none of them will make you feel guilty for eating them.

Happy Simple Cooking!

Hawaiian Food?????

So, I’ve been to Hawaii once and honestly I still can’t tell you what authentic Hawaiian food is but I will tell you this, I really like Spicy Ahi Poke. I’ve been told it’s Hawaiian and when I search for it, it shows up as a Hawaiian dish. So, how is it made and what makes it so delish? For me, it’s the icy coldness of the Ahi and the spiciness of the sauce. Add in the mentaiko and that seals the deal. Plus, this wonderful little dish can be made in under 30 minutes.
I will be posting the recipe under my recipes tab by the end of the week. I’ve been super busy and honestly I just don’t want to type, copy and paste or do much else computer related.
Spicy Ahi Poke

Simple Sunday

I’m still working on my cookbook. Today I made Asian Mushrooms and Bok Choy, Spicy Poke, and Mexican Cocktail. I also had a small order for my friend to complete. I want to share the recipe to the Asian Mushroom side dish. It’s simple and perfect for when you have little time but want something that tastes complicated and is a side dish that makes you feel good. I love mushroom and I try to incorporate a variety into any dish I can.
Mushrooms have a plethora of nutrients, low in calories, and have been found to have cancer fight properties. So try a variety and see which type you love the best and serve them up often.

Asian Mushrooms and Bok Choy


12 pcs of Eringi (oyster mushrooms)
1 tbsp sesame oil, to sauté
1/2 Bok Choy
1 cup water
2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tsp sugar

Thinly slice the Eringi. Break the Bok Choy into large pieces.
In a large fry pan, lightly sauté the Bok Choy. Cook until slightly wilted. Arrange them on a serving platter.
In the same fry pan, heat the sesame oil. Add the Eringi and sauté. In a mixing cup, whisk together the water, cornstarch, oyster sauce, soy sauce, and sugar. Once the Eringi are slightly soft, pour the sauce over the Eringi. Bring the sauce to a light boil for 2 minutes. Lower the heat and sauté for two more minutes. Remove from heat and place the Eringi on the serving platter with the Bok Choy. Serve immediately.