Fresh & New

So I have become very bored with my cooking and baking lately and I began thinking about what I could do to become more excited about cooking. I want my clients who come to class to be excited as well. Amazingly I googled “I am bored with my cooking.”  and I found a lot of new to me recipes that were simple and most were light and fresh as well.

Below is the first in my series of “Fresh & New”: Grilled Sea Bass with Salsa Verde.

First off if you can’t find Sea Bass just use your favorite firm white fish. Remember to heat your pan before placing your fish skin down into the pan. This will give that skin a nice crispy texture and a beautifully brown color. It can take practice so don’t get discouraged if the first couple times your skin isn’t as crispy as you like.

The recipe only uses a handful of common ingredients, another plus in all the recipes I found, and literally takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. I can’t get green tomatoes in my area so I used a small can of salsa verde and pureed in the cilantro. The fish is garnished with tomato and red onion.

Simple, fresh, and tasty!

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