Fresh n’ Yummy

So if I eat a really green power salad, do I get to eat extra doughnuts? I’ve heard, maybe read that for every green veggie salad you eat, you can indulge in extra helpings of sweets. Whether or not there is any truth to that….I did it. I am not a doughnut, cookie, or cake lover but I will be honest, these Brioche Doughnuts were really good. Lightly crisped on the outside, tender with a bit of chew on the inside with the added bonus of jelly or vanilla custard.  So good, so yummy when they are still warm. After the first bite, I went back for another and realized I had eaten the whole doughnut! So I had to even it out and try another…well at least I figured I had to. There were at least 15 so I was sure there would be plenty to share, uh, well there should’ve been enough share. Ok, so I didn’t eat all of them but I’m sure I had at least two, maybe three

Onto the Green Machine Power Salad. This is a very fresh salad. Use any greens and veggies you prefer. I found this on the country living website and they had very precise amounts and specific veggies. I did follow the recipe and honestly I think it was really good without alterations. My husband on the other hand was less than thrilled. He just kept commenting on how green it was 🙂


                                                       Brioche Doughnuts

Brioche Dougnuts5


green machine power salad
Green Machine Power Salad




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