Catching UP

So I already fell behind in my goal to post a new Fresh n’New dish every week. Please forgive, I’ve been busy, sick, and really busy. Anyhow in a nutshell here’s what I have been cooking:

Summer Gratin: Surprisingly light with a tomato based sauce. All your fave veggies in a neat square. The wonderful recipe can be found on

summer gratin2

Next up: Salted Caramel Chocolate Baked Doughnuts & Old School Vday Cookies. I added a good dash of Butterscotch liqueur to the caramel sauce and honestly that really made those doughnuts happy! The Vday cookies are just decorated with royal icing. Nothing fancy but always pretty to look at.

Moving onto Coconut Sauce Salmon with gingered jasmine Rice. The dish isn’t glamorous to look at but it is really tasty. I love a good piece of salmon and the I love coconut so the both together made for a decadent and savory dish. I highly recommended this one.

Salmon with creamy coconut -ginger sauce4

Zucchini Pizza Crust: Yup another veggie turned into a crust. I’ve done the cauliflower one so I thought why not try zucchini. I like the zucchini version better. To me it was easier to make and I don’t enjoy the smell of cooked cauliflower so this was a bonus as well. Plus the green color is awesome!

zucchini crust pizza2

Up next and only a few more to go: Black Bean Bowls and Tomato Florentine Soup. Paired together these two simple dishes make a complete meal. Both are so pretty to look at. The layered bean dish in a clear cup looks elegant and the red florentine soup just completes the whole southwest theme. Super tasty, super easy!

White Chocolate Truffles: What to do with leftover ganache and white dipping chocolate? Make truffles. Very easy and super easy to eat too many in one sitting. I am not a white chocolate lover but these were still pretty good. My husband had to torture his taste buds by eating most of them, ha, ha.

white chocolate truffles

Tequila Lime Shrimp Tacos: I love, love, love seafood tacos. I’ve made numerous types of fish tacos and several shrimp tacos. Once again, another winner and just like all the others, they are not hard to make. Find it on

Tequilla Lime Grilled Tacos2

And now for my last entry and I will be up to date! Hip Hip Hooray! So last week or so I made a Greek Dip. A lighter dip than most, the main dipping component is hummus and it is generously topped with kalamatas, cucumber, and tomatoes. Use your favorite chips or pita chips to dip and dip and dip, and, dip. Ok you get the point. Today I made Green Waffles. Recipegirl had a post for a green smoothie waffle and I was going to pick up some spinach and make a smoothie waffle version of my own but I got too lazy so I just added a healthy dump of Matcha into my favorite Belgian Waffle recipe and voila, lovely green waffles. In advance…Happy St. Patricks Day!