Turkey time or not?

So Thanksgiving is approaching quickly. We are not a traditional Turkey and ham kind of family. None of us like Turkey and ham has a tendency to be a bit salty so over the past several years, I’ve whipped up a bread cornucopia and filled it with all the things we love…..chocolates, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and so on. It has become a yearly tradition along with a pumpkin and pecan pie. So this week I bring all that is Thanksgiving. From bread cornucopias and yummy sauces, to pies and breads. As usual, enjoy!


Never Enough Time

So yes, I have been missing in action once again. With the unexpected death of my Mother, life became a bit complicated for awhile. But here I am again! Let’s get started with a post of a few things I have made over the past many, many months.

So yeah, it’s been since Easter weekend that I posted and for some of you that meant egg hunts and visits from the Easter Bunny! Happy Hunting! But not only did I make a traditional Easter bread but a few other tantalizing simple dishes.

For Easter I want to give a few bread options,  Paska and a Braided Cinnamon Roll.

For the Fresh n’ New I served up a Skirt Steak Salad and a 5 minute salad. Everything can can be made for a Sunday morning brunch whether for Easter or any other time.


I will be back soon with photos  and updates from the past several months soon.

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