Back in the Groove

I keep saying that I will post on a more regular basis but let’s be honest here….this isn’t my life. Yes, I actually do other things and go out in the world to enjoy it. Between teaching and studying karate, I’m almost a ninja, and my job, it is hard to stay up on posting on facebook, keeping my website up to date and posting here life becomes maddening. So bear with me one more time.  Here is what I have been up to since November.

December brought us a rush of activities but I did have time to do our annual Feast

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of Seven Fishes.  The food was fantastic as usual.

I finally got started on my January cooking a bit late but I made some wonderful fish dishes, made a tasty Matcha Latte, gift from friends, and made some “not my Grandma’s Kolches”.  Something NEW and the year’s first new dish was Pistachio Crusted Salmon. It had such a wonderful unique flavor. A sweet salty rich flavor from the pistachios and brown sugar with a flavor twist from the lemon juice and dill. It only takes 5 ingredients including the salmon to create this dish and it is baked and on the table in under 30 minutes. Check out for the recipe. I followed it as written and it came out beautifully!I am still in search of a recipe that gives me what I remember as a kid.

The kolaches, well I found another recipe and will try again later this week or next. Enjoy my photos and enjoy adventuring food and everyday life….I do.


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